Why nanopress publishing?

You are a poet with a bunch of individual poems already published by a range of reputable poetry journals. You have compiled a first – or second, or third – collection or chapbook manuscript in which you have confidence.

You might have repeatedly submitted your manuscript to different poetry contests, along with hundreds or thousands of others, at $25 or so a try. You might also have submitted your manuscript to some of the relatively few presses that still read unsolicited manuscripts free.

But you have had no luck. And you are well aware that in both cases the statistical chances of success are tiny and continually dwindling, in the face of growing demand.

One alternative might be to self-publish your manuscript. But you know that self-publication, while it has had some success in some cases, is problematic. Primarily because it lacks that key element of credibility a poetry press brings to a manuscript – the outside editor’s judgment and gravitas, which both affirm and help hone the poet’s vision.

The nanopress model may be for you.

The nanopress is a single-publication, purpose-formed poetry press that brings together, on a one-time basis, an independent editor’s judgment and gravitas and a poet’s manuscript. The combination effectively by-passes both the poetry-contest gamble and the dwindling opportunities offered by existing poetry presses, while still applying credible ‘quality control’ measures to the published work.

How does it work? Read on for the mechanics of the nanopress and a description of five nanopresses established in the last few years.


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